Why San Diego Sports Fans Are Happy and Sad

It’s been a long while since we’ve seen it.  

Sports fans in San Diego glued to their radios and TVs, super excited about their team with their hopes raised for a sports championship.

But you couldn’t help but think about it watching the celebrations in San Diego this weekend in restaurants and on the street, cheering crowds and honking horns, after Mexico’s soccer team won again at the World Cup.

And a lot of people in San Diego are fans of the Mexican soccer team and even more now because the U.S team didn’t make it to the World Cup this time.

Whether Mexico advances through the competition or not, it already is a welcome site of a pretty rare occurrence in San Diego, a major sports team in the midst of competing for a major sports championship.

You have to go back 20 years, 1998, the last time the Padres were in the World Series and you have to go back to even farther to 1994 --- since the former San Diego Chargers were in the Super Bowl.

And now with the Padres in a rebuilding with experts saying it could be another 2 or 3 years before they have a chance of making it the World Series again and with the Chargers having abandoned San Diego to flee to the over-hyped glitter of L-A, the prospect of another NFL playoff run for a San Diego team is about as likely as the NBA coming back to town one day.

So for now, Mexico’s soccer team is what will have to be what keeps San Diego sports fans excited as it also serves as a reminder of what we still hope is ahead for a San Diego sports team, a championship, one day in the future.

But at the moment, it’s Viva Mexico!

Mexico Soccer fans in San Diego  10News

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