The People Who Risk Their Lives for Other People

No one can know what it’s really like to be a cop or a firefighter, risking your life in some way every day, either because of a raging lunatic or violent criminal or because of a raging wildfire or dangerous rescue.

And no one can know what it’s like to be a cop or firefighters spouse or children knowing that each day they leave the house, there’s at least a small risk that they may not make it back home

That’s what the family of a Long Beach firefighter  has to deal with now after he was shot and killed by some sick or evil person as the firefighter was doing what he did every day, working to prevent the loss of life.

Same goes for the families of the two San Diego police officers who were shot as they opened a door trying to prevent a sick or evil man from hurting his neighbors or himself. 

They both survived the shooting, but their families are probably thinking that while they dodged a bullet this time, will there be another time, in another dangerous situation when they may not.

Yes, cops and firefighters know the risks when they sign up for the job. And their heart for public service keeps them from worrying about the daily dangers they face.

They do their jobs because that’s what they have promised to do, even if it means risking their own lives.

And yet, too many of us take what these brave men and women do for granted and forget to appreciate the risks they take that we saw played out these just last few days. 

(Photo credit Getty Images)

San Diego First Responders  Getty Images

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