The President's Judicial Prime Time Reality Show

It was one of the major headlines on-line this morning that was like a lot of the other headlines on various news sites this morning.  

They were all about the big reveal.  The announcement that has been talked about for days now will be made tonight…live. On TV, on the radio and on your smartphone.  And the whole nation will be watching.

The headline read: “President Trump Enjoys Suspense Ahead of Supreme Court Nomination.”

Yes tonight is the night. 9pm Eastern. 8pm Central. 6pm Pacific.

The night that the President will announce the winner among his final competitors as his nominee to be the next justice of the United States Supreme Court.

The competition starred with more than two dozen.  It was whittled down over the last couple of weeks to the final four.  And tonight we all find out who it will be.

The coming announcement has been the talk on all the cable news channels and the buzz at places as varied as churches, coffee shops, and the beach. It seems everyone is talking about it and everyone will be watching.

The president sent out a tease on Twitter late Sunday and told reporters he had not made his final decision quite yet but was close,

No one is probably surprised by any of this.  After all, President Trump used to do it for weeks every year, for many years on network TV on The Apprentice.

And now we’ll all be watching as he announces the winner of his Supreme Court competition…but the United States Senate has to say yes, before the president can say “you’re hired.”

U.S. Supreme Court   Getty Images


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