Why You May Need a Day Off in Early November

Less than four months to go now until the November election and voters in San Diego don’t know for sure yet what all the local issues they will be asked to vote on will be.

Just yesterday, petitions were turned in for the Yes for a Better San Diego citizens’ initiative that would raise hotel room taxes to pay for an expanded downtown convention center, better roads and help for the homeless.

And it could be 30 days before the Registrar of Voters says there are enough valid signatures to clear it for the November ballot.

Meantime there are two other proposed ballot measures that are being discussed by the city council just this week that also are aimed at addressing the homelessness and housing problems in San Diego.

And then there are the two competing citizen initiatives for what should be done with the Mission Valley site where SDCCU-formerly-Qualcomm Stadium sits. 

And while those both have been ruled qualified to be on the ballot, a legal challenge by the city attorney’s office that’s being heard right now could threaten them being on the ballot in November.

The deadline for finalizing the election ballot is coming next month, so sometime in the next month or so we will all know what we will be voting on in early November.

And with the way things are going, with lots of local and state propositions to go along with all the candidate races, get ready to spend a lot of time checking all the boxes on the ballot.

Whether you do it at home by mail or at the polling place on Election Day, in which case you might want to bring a snack.

(Photo of San Diego Registrar of Voters by County Newscenter)

San Diego Registrar of Voters - County Newscenter


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