Why More San Diego Sports Fans Watch the World Cup

It’s a sport that’s not as popular in the U.S at it is in most other countries around the world.  

But soccer is hugely popular in all those other countries.  We’ve been reminded of that once again over the last few weeks as the World Cup competition has been going on.

But while it may not be as popular here as opposed as everywhere else, it is more popular in San Diego than it is in probably most other U.S., cities.

The TV ratings for the San Diego area when it comes to the World Cup are reported be higher than any other TV market.  So when the final is played this weekend in a matchup between France and Croatia, a lot of eyes in San Diego will be watching it.

In San Diego it seems as if even the casual soccer fans, whose kids maybe play soccer, but who probably don’t watch international or the pro soccer leagues in the U.S. much at all, if ever, will tune in for the World Cup.

The big TV ratings for the World Cup in San Diego could also be the result of the fact that sports fans in San Diego here, who, in years past, would normally this time of year be buzzing about the Chargers and getting ready for the pre-season games, aren’t doing that these days.

And with a MLB baseball team that is in last place, the boys of summer in San Diego are not drawing as much fan interest as they would be if they were fighting for a division title.

So, in our area, watching the World Cup final this Sunday is a draw.  Just don’t call it a game.  In soccer, it’s called a match.  And right now, most San Diego sports fans will take it.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

2018 World Cup Croatia Defeats England  Getty Images


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