Comic-Con 2018 and Beyond. An Interview with Comic-Con's David Glanzer.

The super-heroes have started arriving in San Diego for the 2018 Comic-Con convention which begins with a preview night Wednesday then kicks into 4 days of madness on Thursday.

The annual convention, San Diego's largest, is expected to attract an estimated 135,000 people to the city. 

A number of Hollywood's biggest stars are in attendance each year to give fans a peek at upcoming films. In addition, the casts of hit television shows are on hand to do the same. Some lucky people will get to meet their favorite stars and walk away with autographs. 

In addition, there's a ton of merchandise including collectibles, t-shirts and artworks available for sale on the floor of the convention center. Plus, a number of panels to educate and entertain about comics, film, pop culture and more. 

People attending this year's convention and those who just go downtown for the people watching, will find some changes this year. Among the most significant change this year is the closure of Harbor Drive while the convention is underway. 

David Glanzer, spokesman for Comic-Con San Diego talked to KOGO's Cliff Albert about this year's event in addition to the future of the annual sold-out convention.  LISTEN BELOW

Photo Credit: Mary Ayala



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