Why a Hot Summer Doesn't Have to be a Bad Summer

According to the National Weather Service, it looks like this month of July will be the second hottest July in more than a decade.

While extreme heat happens during the summer in San Diego, this long streak of extreme heat doesn’t happen all that often.

But we’re not even in August yet, which is often very hot and September, when can have very warm weather too.  And for that matter, there have been days in October that can get pretty toasty too.

We’ve also had brush fires this summer in San Diego County.  Fortunately, except for the fire in Alpine that was a bad one with about three dozen homes lots, most of the brush fires we’ve had so far this summer have been smaller ones.

But with more hot weather ahead this summer, and with this past winter having been one of the driest in recent years, the risk of dangerous wildfires will continue for the next three months.

Firefighters know it and that’s why when a small fire breaks out, as some did this week, they send all the resources they can to battle the small ones so they don’t become big ones. 

But we all have a role to play in the fight against wildfires, and in their prevention.  Firefighters are doing their job.  And if the rest of us do our jobs, keeping areas around our homes free of tall brush and not using tools or devices that can spark fires, and report any suspicious or risky behaviors by people you may see in canyons and hear highways, then we can all enjoy even a very hot summer.

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(Photo credit C. E. Albert)

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