Do We Want What the Chargers Left Behind?

The now Los Angeles Chargers are now 100 miles away in L-A but their legacy lives on in San Diego.

And that legacy is one which is familiar to fans of the former San Diego Chargers, and that would be controversy.

From player deals by team owners to rental deals by past city councils for the cost of playing at then Qualcomm Stadium, the Chargers have been synonymous with controversy.

We all remember the incredibly generous and massively unwise decision by the city council years ago to give the Chargers a ticket guarantee, don’t worry if you don’t fill up the stadium, we’ve got you covered.

And now some members of the city council appear to be saying “never again” when it comes to deals with the use of what is now SDCCU stadium.

With the Chargers having abandoned San Diego, skipping town for L-A because the city couldn’t figure out a way to keep the NFL team from leaving, they were forced to deal with what to do with an aging stadium that won’t last much longer.

So now some members of the city council don’t seem, to be in a mood to do anything for the San Diego State Aztecs that would appear to be giveaway when it comes to the cost of renting the run-down stadium until one of the Mission Valley citizens initiatives are passed or another solution is found.

No one wants a repeat of the bad decisions over the years when it came to the Chargers, but a city that still likes to call itself “America’s Finest”, doesn’t need more of the divisiveness and controversies that the Chargers left behind.

Photo Credit: Getty Images



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