The Aviation Mystery That Will Probably Never Be Solved

We all remember the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014. 

Four years later it remains one of, if not the most mysterious of all airline disappearances. After four years and all the searches of thousands of square miles of ocean, and all the investigations, we still don’t know why the plane flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared and crashed into the sea with 239 people on board, the plane and the human remains never found.

And now this week with the head of Malaysia’s civil aviation authority announcing his resignation, it has led to new conspiracy theories.

The aviation head who’s resigning is quoted as saying that there is evidence that  air Traffic Controllers "did not comply with certain Standard Operating Procedures,  but no cause of why and how the huge plane just disappeared.

The evidence does not show any indications of mental or emotional problems with the pilot or crew that would lead them to crash it on purpose.

So the conspiracy theories that the plane was taken down by some outside source or force or some mysterious group will live on.  And we will probably never know what happened to flight 370.

(Photo credit Getty Images. Mural of Flight 370 in Malaysia.)

Mural in Malaysia of Flight 370  Getty Images


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