The Critical Game Plan for San Diego Voters

The San Diego City Council has now agreed on terms with San Diego State on a two year extension of their agreement to use SDCCU Stadium as the home of Aztec football.

And so now, the attention turns to the November election.  In just three months and you live in the city of San Diego, you will be asked to cast your vote on what should be done with the land on which the stadium sits.

The SDSU West plan and the Soccer City plan each got well over enough signatures from registered voters months ago to get onto the ballot. 

There is strong backing for both Soccer City and SDSU West among their supporters but there are also those voters out there who say they have some problems with both plans.

And there are those longtime politicians in San Diego who still suffer from the criticism the city council took years ago for approving a bad deal with the Chargers years ago.

And with both of the citizens initiatives on a ballot that will be filled with local and state propositions, some of which ask voters to approve tax increases of one kind or another, there could be voters who will be hesitant to approve anything.

So the backers of SDSU West and Soccer City have their work cut out for them and they’ll be doing lots of talking about the benefits of their respective plans.

Voters need to do their jobs as well, and do their homework and then be sure to cast their vote on what could determine the future of a large piece of Mission Valley.

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