Bad Roads Cost San Diegans More Than $1900 Annually

Driving on San Diego area roads that are deteriorated, congested and that lack some desirable safety features costs the average driver $1,941 annually. 

The money is due to additional vehicle operating costs (VOC) as a result of driving on rough roads, the cost of lost time and wasted fuel due to congestion, and the financial cost of traffic crashes. 

California drivers lose a total of $61 billion each year as a result of driving on deficient roads.

The report is from TRIP.  Founded in 1971, TRIP ® of Washington, DC, is a nonprofit organization that researches, evaluates and distributes economic and technical data on surface transportation issues. TRIP is sponsored by insurance companies, equipment manufacturers, distributors and suppliers; businesses involved in highway and transit engineering and construction; labor unions; and organizations concerned with efficient and safe surface transportation.

The report can be found HERE.


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