The Battle Ahead for Congressman Duncan D. Hunter

There are calls for San Diego Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter to resign one day after he and his wife were indicted for using campaign funds for personal use.

The indictment includes the details with federal prosecutors alleging an amount of 250-thousand dollars.

The calls for resignation should not be a surprise nor should calls from supporters that he should stay where he is until it is proven in court that he did what he’s charged with doing.

Nor should it be unexpected that Rep. Hunter is saying that the indictment of him and his wife is politically motivated and that he appears to ready to fight it.

After all, Hunter joined the Marines and fought in battle in Afghanistan after 9-11.

It has already been pointed out in the national media that Hunter was the second member of Congress to officially endorse Donald Trump when he ran for the Republican presidential nomination, saying at the time that Trump was the kind of fighter that was needed in the White House.

It was only a coincidence that the indictment of Hunter and his wife happened the same afternoon that President Trump’s former personal attorney pleaded guilty and his former campaign manager leading up to his nomination at the GOP convention was found guilty.

But for Hunter, it drew even more attention to the indictment.

Time will tell if all the charges in the indictment are true. But for Hunter’s supporters and friends, who have admired this U.S Marine and son of a congressman who ran for president, it is not a good morning.

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Rep. Duncan D. Hunter  Getty Images


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