Going Back to the Moon and Staying There

That very old song Fly Me to the Moon may be the new motto of NASA.

The new head of the U.S. government’s space agency has outlined a plan to send people to the moon, where they will stay.

In a report at Space.com, the new NASA chief, Jim Bridenstine,  says he wants to make sure that there is never another day when humans are not in space.

It’s been decades since we last went to the moon and the NASA boss is proposing a program to go back to the moon and stay there

“When you look at the Apollo program, we had six landings, all in the equator regions of the moon, and we didn't get the full perspective, the full understanding, the science and the knowledge.”

And what do we do after we go back to the moon?  The NASA chief says that “a lot of people miss the fact that the moon represents an amazing proving ground for all of the technologies and the human-performance capabilities that are necessary to survive on another planet.”

He says the moon would become a gateway, with permanent lunar orbit space stations where people would live and work on sending people to places all over the solar system.

So if your son or daughter talks about wanting to be an astronaut, it may mean them relocating on the moon.  Just make sure they plan to come home every so often so you can see the grandkids.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Moon Landing July 1969  Getty Images


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