Lessons From Beyonce And Serena's Struggle With Postpartum Depression

Beyonce and Serena Williams are talking about their struggle with postpartum depression. 

The superstar singer and mother of three also suffered from preeclampsia, which threatened her health and the health of her baby. Postpartum depression isn't uncommon and expectant mothers and their families should recognize the possibility.

Beyonce revealed when she was pregnant with twins that she had a condition, which left her on bed rest and she needed an emergency C-section. She suffered from toxemia, known as preeclampsia. She also says after having her first child, she put pressure on herself to lose all her baby weight in three months. With her twins, she was on bed rest and her health and her baby's health were in danger. She not only had postpartum depression, but postpartum preeclampsia.

She also went thru postpartum depression, as has tennis star Serena Williams.

Both are talking about the weight after pregnancy and the pressure each faced to lose weight and to have the body society believes they should have.

Perinatolgosit Dr. Joanna Adamczak is with Sharp Mary Birch. She says there are actually four trimesters, and women should expect a period after delivering, where their bodies go through a lot of changes, and if your have any concerns, call your doctor. 

Listen for Dr. Adamczak's advice for her mothers in the interview below.

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