Why Not To Worry Even When You're Worried

How scary was yesterday’s scare for the people near the hydrogen leak incident in El Cajon?  Very scary for some.

You’ve heard about the story by now.  A leak in a tanker truck carrying more than 15-hunded gallons of liquid hydrogen that briefly ignited and caused a loud concussion like sound several blocks away.

As you may have heard on KOGO’s coverage of it, one woman who worked next door to where it happened told us she had called her husband her mom to talk to them because she was worried something really terrible might happen if the hydrogen had exploded.

She and others apparently were told that if a hydrogen explosion had occurred, the whole block may have been devastated.

Accurate or not, just hearing something like that would make any of us pretty nervous.

It all turned out okay and there was no explosion and no one was hurt.

But whenever something like this happens, a lot of us think of how we would react and what we would do.

Hearing you have to evacuate or shelter in place can make you nervous.

Just as a lockdown at your kid’s school can make you nervous. And that happens more often than you might even think.

In El Cajon earlier in the week, a school was placed on lockdown as police arrested a guy after a long pursuit.

In fact, one post on Twitter said afterwards. “Being a parent in 20-18. Your six year old tells you ‘we went on lockdown today’”.

Unpredictable and unexpected things do happen in life, but most do not turn out badly and it’s not healthy to constantly worry.  Not worrying is a lot healthier for your mind, body and soul.

(Photo credit KOGO News)

Tanker Hydrogen Leak El Cajon 8-29-18


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