Will the Governor Clear the Air for Your Next Picnic?

Among the many bills approved by the California state legislature and sent to the governor’s desk is one you may not have noticed, unless you spend time at state parks and beaches.

Or at least you may have noticed the need for this one particular bill.

That’s because according to the sponsor of this particular bill, cigarettes and cigarette butts are the most common form of litter with cigarettes improperly disposed of 65 percent of the time.

And that’s why this almost unnoticed bill was passed and sent to the governor and why it is being noticed by those who are fed up with cigarette butts all over at state parks.

The bill would prohibit smoking at designated picnic areas at state parks and beaches.

State Assembly member Mike Levine from Marin County sponsored this bill and as he puts it:

“Californians are used to eating without smoke – we banned smoking in restaurants a long time ago. Families and state park and beach-goers deserve good, clean – and hopefully smoke-free -- fun.  Because the science is clear: second-hand smoke kills.”

Smoking is already banned in most indoor places and many outdoor places in California.  It makes sense to ban it in places where Californians and visitors go to enjoy the fresh outdoors.  And they’re hoping the Governor signs the bill and clears the air.

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