Watch Here: Man Parachutes From East Village Building

It's a's a plane... nope, it's just a guy parachuting from an East Village apartment building. Calling himself the "Professor of Adventure," the man climbed a crane that was next to a building on 15th Street and Island Avenue around 12:45 Friday morning.

A police helicopter hovered at the scene, while officers on the ground used loudspeakers telling him not to jump. Ignoring the orders, he got up about 500 feet and, to the shock of many witnesses, jumped off, using his parachute to float down. 

Officers greeted him when he landed near Market and 15th Street, taking him into custody. He was charged with trespassing, but was released shortly after his arrest. The man tells 10 News that he's an experienced base jumper, and he wasn't sure what all the commotion was about.

Photo and Video Credit: 10 News 

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