San Diego Needs to Make Its Streets and Sidewalks America's Finest

When was the last time you were driving on a city street in San Diego and hit a pothole or big crack in the pavement?

If you drive every day, it could be every day.  If you haven’t, then you probably don’t drive much at all.

Because on a typical day it’s typical to drive on some streets that are in bad shape. Just drive downtown on sections of 10th avenue and others and it can feel like you’re on an urban roller coaster at times.

As much as the city has been spending more money on infrastructure improvements in the last year or two, which is a good thing, there is still a lot to be done.

And not doing enough costs taxpayers millions of dollars in injury settlements.   The city council just this week approving the latest settlements totaling nearly a million bucks to people who suffered injuries, one due to a falling tree that was not maintained as well as it should and one because of  a bad sidewalk downtown.

The mayor and city council members have put a lot more emphasis on fixing streets and sidewalks, but there are still a lot of streets and sidewalks in bad shape which of course can make them dangerous and, as we were reminded again this week, they can be costly for the city and taxpayers when someone does get hurt.

It can’t be easy trying to figure out how and from where to get the money needed to fix more streets and sidewalks, but until more are, be careful out there.

(Photo credit 10News)

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