How To Get Cheaper Prescription Drugs

A new national poll by a non profit, non partisan health care research organization finds three quarters of Americans consider the cost of prescription drugs in the United States to be “unreasonable.”

Tim Lash is the chief strategy officer at the West Health Institute and the Gary and Mary West Foundation they teamed with N-O-R-C at the University of Chicago to find the perceptions of health care costs, specifically drug prices.

Lash tells KOGO News they are also forming a new entity, Civica Rx, designed to address failures of the generic market and shortages of medicines and providing a greater supply of medicines at a lower price.

Civica Rx has identified 14 hospital-administered generic drugs as its initial focus, seeking to stabilize the supply of essential medications, many of which have fallen into chronic shortage situations.

What can be done? Listen below and read more here.

Photo Credit: N-O-R-C

Listen to our interview below, including what the voter can do to help achieve lower drug prices.

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