Why Tiger Haters Are Not Happy

Many of the sports headlines today read "Tiger is Officially Back".  

Tiger Woods on Sunday capturing his first PGA win in five years.  And not only is he officially back, so are the Tiger haters.  He still has plenty of fans. Thousands of them followed him to the green at the final hole, a swarm of Tiger fans taking photos and cheering him on as he wrapped up the victory.

But lingering behind all those fans were the Tiger haters, those golf fans who probably never liked Tiger all that much, but who began really not liking him after his DUI arrest in 2013 and the stories about how he had treated his ex-wife.   They didn’t like his use of profanity on the course at times and they didn’t like his arrogance to begin with.

And all of that together made ‘Tiger Dis-likers’ officially become ‘Tiger Haters’. 

Since his return to the tour from back surgery, they have rooted against him, not wanting him to even come close to winning.  So when Sunday came and he was about to win, they were spattering Twitter with Tiger hating comments, yelling at the TV when he made an amazing shot and some of them probably turning off the TV.  They couldn’t take it any longer.  And of course, it didn't take long for Tiger Lovers to post their hate-filled comments about Tiger Haters.  (see below)

Of course it didn’t make much difference…with NBC getting big ratings.

And that’s what Tiger does, because love him or hate him, win or lose, Tiger Woods draws attention and viewers.  Even if some of them have to put up with him.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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