Could You Ditch Your Car For 30 Days?

Lyft is encouraging San Diegans to ditch their car for 30 days. The ride share company says it will pay 50 people more than $550 in transportation credits to use San Diego’s vast array of transportation options, rather than their personal vehicles.

Starting Wednesday, you can register for the challenge and 50 people will be chosen at random to participate. If chosen, you'll be provided with a $300 Lyft Shared Credit, MTS Premium Express monthly pass, Zipcar membership and free activation, and a Discover Bike San Diego one month membership. 

After a successful launch in Chicago this summer, Lyft is rolling out the Ditch Your Car challenge to San Diego and more than 30 other cities across the country. The goal is to help reduce congestion and the carbon footprint.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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