A Civilian Takeaway From Miramar Air Show

As usual, the Miramar Air Show was the impressive event it usually is. 

And as usual, several hundred thousand people went to see it over the three days and have the chance to visit a real U.S. Marine air base. MCAS Miramar.

And along with all those thousands on the base to watch the air show, there were thousands more who watched the Navy’s Blue Angels, the F-35 and more of the military aircraft in the sky from their cars or from their homes or offices that surround the base.

For the Marines, it is a massive undertaking to hold the air show, the security plans and operations alone, with that many people coming onto a U.S. military base during this time of there being a constant threat of terrorist attacks.

It takes thousands of Marines each year to present the largest military air show in the country.   When you’re there you notice it,

And you see and hear about the importance of what each Marine does including the crews they call the ‘maintainers’. They are the men and women in the U.S. military who make sure the aircraft are taken care of, for air shows and for real life combat situations where lives depend on it.

The pilots at Miramar will all tell you how much they respect the maintainers and how they can’t do their jobs without them doing theirs.

A good reminder for all of us, that no matter what kind of job we may have, it takes a team to be able to soar to greater heights and meet our goals, just like those Marines at MCAS Miramar. 

(Photo credit KOGO News)

Miramar Air Show 2018  KOGO News


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