Why Voting Early Can Reduce Your Junk Mail

If you requested a mail ballot for the November election, you could get it as early as today.  

The San Diego County Registrar of Voters office is starting to send them out and there are a lot of them.

More than one million of them, a total which represents about two-thirds of all registered voters in the county.

So while the election is still almost a month away, voters are going to be making decisions and marking their ballots starting this week.  

And all the political campaigns that are running all those ads on radio and TV and sending all those mailers to your home know that.  If you’re a political operative or a campaign worker, this is crunch time.

From now until Nov 6th is the time that campaigns can be won or lost.  With two thirds of voters getting mail in ballots, many of the results could be decided even before the polling places open for business on Election Day.

And because there are so many mails in ballots, the registrar’s office is urging people who do use them, to send them back or drop them off early so election officials can begin getting them ready to be counted by November 6th.

There’s another advantage to sending in your mail ballot early too, for you. 

Once you are down as having already voted by mail, you won’t be getting as many as those political mailers stuffing your mail box and filling up your recycle bin! 

By the way you can request a mail in ballot till the end of the month.  Happy Voting!

San Diego County Registrar of Voters  10News


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