The Stress-Free Way to Avoid the Flu

The flu season has arrived.  City and county health officials urging you to get a flu vaccination and do it sooner than later.

With last year’s flu season being one of the worst in San Diego County, that’s not a surprise. Last flu season, there were more reported cases of flu and more reported deaths, mostly among the elderly, from flu-related illness than any time in many decades.

The good news is that early signs health experts look at are showing that this flu season probably will not be as bad.

So does that mean you shouldn’t get a flu shot this year?  That of course is up to each individual to decide and their history of getting the flu.

But health officials say it’s clear that while getting a flu shot won’t guarantee you won’t get the flu, if you do get it, they say getting the shot reduces your risk of developing serious or even fatal complications from the flu by 50-60-percent and that’s especially true for kids they say.

Whether you get the flu shot or not, they do say everyone should be smart about doing things that can help you avoid the flu altogether.  Those things we all know we should do, like washing your hands with soap and water, and not touching your eyes or mouth with your hands and making sure you eat wisely and get enough sleep to help keep your immune system working well.

Oh and don’t worry so much about getting the flu that you stress yourself out about the flu. Because doctors will tell you that avoiding stress can help you stay healthy.

Find out where you can get a flu shot.

Photo Credit San Diego County Newscenter.

Flu Season  San Diego County Newscenter


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