Women of Ill Repute, and Other Nonsense

I have a few thoughts about the way Stormy Daniels, and other women, are talked about.

And, I have had enough. 

Stormy makes her living, doing things millions of men want to see. Doing things virtually every woman has actually done, albeit more privately, and likely without a pole. Mankind would vanish from the planet, if a substantial number of us gals didn't do those things. 

I doubt I need to go into specifics on the kinds of heathen mischief we all like to get up to, some a bit more outlandish than others, but, for the most part, it's something many of us enjoy from time to time. Or perhaps more often, as the case may be. Lucky you. 

For some reason, many people would like to pretend that human sexuality, in all it's many glorious variations, is somehow filthy, under any circumstance other than a locked dark bedroom wrapped up in a wedding ring. You get on with your bad self...

I am not one of them. 

And I think that if you talk about Monica Lewinsky, Stormy Daniels, or any other woman who has actual sex that people find out about, as though they are beneath you, you are a laughable oaf. 

Let me show you a few examples, from KOGO's Facebook page. The names have been scribbled to protect the guilty.

Keyboard warriors, UNITE!

We Americans have a nasty habit of demeaning anyone who does sex work. I have a question for you, would you rather she was a welfare mom with 8 kids? Not everyone has a head for accounting, or the educational opportunities that your kids do. Some get into sex - work because they are abused, some are forced, and some get into it voluntarily. 

Stormy twirls around a pole, and takes money to show her assets. She has sex on camera. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LIKE TO WATCH. So lets try to be honest about this. I am betting you have had sex. 

We may not like sex work. We may think it is harmful to people. Some of us couldn't care less what people do for a living, on their backs or off. 

Everybody has bills, and those with their hands out really don't care how you pay them, as long as you do. 

I am OK with the criticism her attorney has taken. I don't think much of Michael Avenatti, and it has to do with his ceaseless scrounging for attention, NOT who he represents. 

I am OK criticizing Stormy for messing around with a married man....but I am gonna give it to The Donald, for being a pig, too. If you want to dip your wick indiscriminately, feel free to stay single and NOT drag your wife and kids into humiliation. I am talking to you too, Bill Clinton.  

If the best knock on Stormy Daniels that you can come up with is, "She's a whore," you are woefully ill-equipped for polite society, and should back-off that keyboard before you hurt yourself. 


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