Why the Election Could be Bad for Your Mental Health

The election is just two weeks away and a lot of people seem to be asking themselves if they can stand it for that long.

We are indeed in the final stretch of the run-up to the mid-term elections. Sometimes called an off year election, an election not in a presidential year.

But county election officials say the buzz and the debates and the political fights about this off-year election indicate a lot more interest in this off year election than past ones.

And with all the arguing and all the claims and counter claims coming from the candidates, the campaigns and the commercials, it’s easy to see why voters are more interested in this election.  The county Registrar of Voters even used the word “angry” when describing some of the things he sees and hears voters talking about.

And then there are voters are who are interested but also tired of it all, suffering from some political fatigue.

And who would have thought that politics and elections could cause post-traumatic stress disorder?   Yet a study is out this week by researchers at Arizona State University that found that 25 percent of Millennials suffered from PTSD after the 2016 election.  

That would seem to suggest that this year’s election season could be having a negative mental and emotional impact on some people as well.

Few will disagree that politics has become nastier and no matter what happens on November 6th, sadly, there probably is not much reason to hope it will get any better in the near future.

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