How to Stop the Hate in America

Everyone is asking who or what is to blame for all the hate. 

That’s because over the last week, we have seen three really bad examples of hate.

From the radical right wing extremist who mailed potential bombs to high ranking politicians because he hates Democrats to the white guy who shot and killed two innocent black people outside a grocery store because they were black to the guy who shot and killed 11 innocent people at a synagogue because they’re Jewish.

We’ve all witnessed the growing division in politics over the last few years and we’ve also witnessed people who shoot up clubs, concerts, churches and other places because they’re filled with hate for something or someone or maybe even themselves.

So where does all this hate come from and who is responsible for doing something about it?

Hate itself is not new. It’s been around since humans have been around. Racial and ethnic hate.  Hate between country and country.  Hate between family members and friends.

As for what is happening in recent times, you/ve heard people on the cable news channels blaming the President, or blaming the news media or blaming whites or blaming the left or blaming the right or just blaming evil.

But because hate begins inside human hearts, it is going to take humans to do something about it.  As one of the Proverbs says, “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.”

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Mourners After Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting  10-27-18 Getty Images


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