For Halloween Just Google It

On the day before Halloween you used to see and hear a lot of stories about safety.  

The safety of kids, the safety of costumes, the safety of the candy, the safety of pedestrians and drivers, even the spiritual safety of Halloween.

And you still do see some of that.  But the big story today is a game. The Google game.

It’s today’s Google Doodle that celebrates Halloween with a multiplayer interactive game — the first in Google Doodle history.

According to the stories about it so far today, people who play the Google Doodle Halloween game can invite up to seven friends to join them in what Google calls “The Great Ghoul Duel”. 

Two teams of four players each compete to collect “wandering spirit flames” in two minutes. Google says you also can just randomly team up with strangers.  And signs are Google users are going to find it addictive.

In a world gone wild with video gaming and spending time on line via tablet or phone, who should be surprised that the frightful and bright brains at Google would come up with a game that will occupy a lot of people’s time at the office.

So if you wonder why a lot of people at work today are spending more time than usual looking at their smartphones, don’t be spooked.  Just Google it!

(Photo Google)



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