Fatal Dog Experiments Continue In The V-A

The Department of Veterans Affairs will move ahead with invasive, and potentially deadly experiments on dogs as part of its medical research program.

Documents obtained by USA today say the V-A says the studies could produce discoveries to help veterans suffering from spinal cord or breathing problems. 

Dogs are killed during the experiments on spinal cords, brains, and hearts.

The v-a says 99 percent of the time they use rats and mice and only use dogs when no other species would provide meaningful results.

In the past, the house passed legislation to stop the funding, but it stalled in the senate.

A group trying to end the experiments, White Coat Waste Project, says experiments should be stopped until a one million dollar study by the National Academy of Sciences on the need for dogs for research is complete. The chief strategy officer at American Veterans, said after reviewing the science and speaking to experts at the V-A and elsewhere, he concluded the dog experiments haven’t translated to human medical advances for decades.

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