How Accurate Are the Polls Going into Election Day?

On this day before Election Day, one of the things all the political pundits are talking about are the polls. 

And what they’re talking about is whether all the polls are accurate. 

Two years ago, in the presidential election, virtually all the polls showed Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump.  And there has been talk ever since about polls and whether are accurate.

So going into tomorrow’s election, a lot of polls show Democrats with a good chance of gaining enough seats in the now-Republican controlled U.S. House to take over control in the new Congress.

There are also polls that show Republicans won’t lose as many as the predictors of a “blue wave” are suggesting. There are polls showing support for Democrats is surging and there are polls that show Republicans are surging.

So how do we know what poll is accurate and what poll is not?   Based on recent history, no one knows for sure.

It is clear that both Republicans and Democrats are very concerned about the polls with both sides, including President Trump and former president Obama, doing a lot of campaigning for their party’s candidates in these last few days.

They know what every politician knows.  The only poll that counts is the one taken on Election Day.  But you can be sure there will be some surprises.  There always are.

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Election Day voting in California   Getty Images

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