Rain is Coming... Where to Get Your Free Sandbags

With San Diego County expecting its first significant storm of the season, now is the time to get your free sandbags to protect your home and property. Rain is expected to start Wednesday and continue through Thursday and the weekend.

The County’s Department of Public Works, San Diego County Fire Authority and CAL FIRE will be giving free sand and bags to people in unincorporated communities at numerous locations around the county. County Public Works officials said now is a good time for people to look around their homes and land to make sure that drainage areas are clear and free of debris.

Rain can cause flooding and erosion, especially in areas that are not covered by landscaping, grass, trees, shrubs and other plants. That includes areas covered by concrete or laid bare by drought or fire. Rain runoff can carry topsoil, mud and debris off land downstream where it can damage homes, clog storm drains and culverts, and flood and damage roadways.

The County and CAL FIRE will be providing free sand and bags, or free bags at the locations listed below. People should call ahead to double-check availability and because some stations may limit the number of bags people can get. People should also bring a shovel they can use to fill bags with sand at the locations that have both sand and bags.

Sand and Bags

  • Bonita/Sunnyside: 4900 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91902 P: 619-479-2346
  • Boulevard: 40080 Ribbonwood Road, Boulevard, CA 91905 P: 619-390-2020
  • De Luz: 39524 Daily Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 P: 760-728-3140 *(Not staffed 24/7)
  • De Luz: 39431 De Luz Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 P: 760-728-2422
  • Fallbrook: 4375 Pala Mesa Drive, Fallbrook, CA 92028 P: 760-723-2024
  • Lakeside River Park Conservancy:12108 Industry Road, Lakeside CA 92040 P: 619-443-4770 *(Closed over the weekend)
  • Palomar Mountain: 21610 Crestline Road, Palomar Mtn., CA 92060 P: 760-742-3701
  • Ramona: 3410 Dye Road, Ramona, CA 92065 P: 760-789-0107
  • Ramona: 24462 San Vicente Road, Ramona, CA 92065 P: 760-789-9465
  • Rincon: 16971 Highway 76, Pauma Valley, CA 92061 P: 760-742-3243
  • Valley Center: 28205 N. Lake Wohlford Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 P: 760-751-7605
  • Warner Springs: 35227 Highway 79, Warner Springs, CA 92086P: 760-782-9113

Bags Only

  • Alpine: 1364 Tavern Road, Alpine, CA 91901 P: 619-445-2635
  • Deer Springs: 1321 Deer Springs Road, San Marcos, CA 92069 P: 760-741-5512
  • Campo: 31577 Highway 94, Campo, CA 91906 P: 619-478-5516
  • Campo (Lake Morena): 29690 Oak Drive, Campo, CA 91906 P: 619-478-5960
  • Deer Springs: 8709 Circle R Drive, Escondido, CA 92026 P: 760-749-8001
  • Deer Springs: 10308 Meadow Glen Way East, Escondido, CA 92026 P: 760-751-0820
  • De Luz: 39431 De Luz Road, Fallbrook, CA. 92028 P: 760-728-2422
  • Descanso: 24592 Viejas Grade Road, Descanso, CA 91916 P: 619-445-7508 (currently out of bags)
  • Dulzura: 17304 Highway 94, Dulzura, CA 91917 P: 619-468-3391
  • El Cajon: 551 Harbison Canyon Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019 P: 619-445-5001
  • Escondido: 9127 W. Lilac Road, Escondido, CA 91916 P: 619-445-7508
  • Jacumba: 1255 Jacumba St., Jacumba, CA 91934 P: 619-766-4535
  • Jamul (Deerhorn): 2383 Honeysprings Road, Jamul, CA 91935 P: 619-468-3030
  • Jamul: 14024 Peaceful Valley Ranch Rd, Jamul, CA 91935 P: 619-669-6580
  • Julian: (Shelter Valley) 72160 Great Southern Overland, Julian, CA 92036 760-765-0155
  • Mount Laguna: 10385 Sunrise Highway, Mt Laguna, CA 91948 P: 619-473-8281
  • Ocotillo Wells: 5841 Highway 78, Borrego Springs, CA 92004 P: 760-767-7430
  • Pine Valley: 28850 Old Highway 80, Pine Valley, CA 91962 P: 619-473-8445
  • Portrero: 25130 Highway 94, Potrero, CA 91963 P: 619-478-5544
  • Ramona: 829 San Vicente Road, Ramona, CA 92065 P: 760-789-8914
  • Ramona: (Intermountain) 25858 A Highway 78, Ramona, CA 92065 P: 760-789-3710
  • Ramona: (Mount Woodson) 16310 Highway 67, Ramona, CA 92065 P: 760-789-1150
  • Ranchita: 37370 Montezuma Valley Road, Ranchita, CA 92066 P: 760-782-3467 *(Not staffed 24/7)
  • San Pasqual: 17701 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido, CA 92025 P: 858-573-1322
  • Warner Springs: 31049 Highway 79, Warner Springs, CA 92086 P: 760-782-3560

If you live in the city of San Diego, free sandbags are available at one centrally located recreation center in each City Council District. Sandbags are in limited supply and those presenting proof of residency can get up to 10 empty sandbags. Residents offering identification showing their home street address can pick up bags anytime between 1 and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. 

Sandbags are available at the following locations:

Council District 1
Standley Recreation Center, 3585 Governor Drive, San Diego 92122

Council District 2
Robb Athletic Field, 2525 Bacon St., San Diego 92107

Council District 3
Golden Hill Recreation Center, 2600 Golf Course Drive, San Diego 92102

Council District 4
Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center, 6401 Skyline Drive, San Diego 92114

Council District 5
Scripps Ranch Recreation Center, 11454 Blue Cypress Drive, San Diego 92131

Council District 6
North Clairemont Recreation Center, 4421 Bannock Ave., San Diego 92117

Council District 7
Allied Gardens Recreation, Center 5155 Greenbrier Ave., San Diego 92120

Council District 8
San Ysidro Community Activity Center, 179 Diza Road, San Diego 92173

Council District 9
City Heights Recreation Center, 4380 Landis St., San Diego 92105

City preparations for the impending rain are underway including placing “no parking signs” in low-lying and other flood prone areas, sweeping critical locations around drains and inlets that typically experience heavy debris build-up, monitoring storm drain locations, and installing bypass pumps where the infrastructure may be overwhelmed by storm waters.

During the rains, 15 crews from the City’s Storm Patrol will be actively patrolling, monitoring areas in the city and responding to instances including temporary flooding and downed trees or tree branches.

Just as preparations are underway city-wide, residents can individually prepare for the rains and help reduce the risk of flooding near their homes and properties by engaging in a few simple steps:

-Sweep and pick up trash, leaves, grass clippings and other debris that collects around the storm drains and curb gutters near your home.
-Keep the lid securely closed on trash and recycle bins when placing them out on the street for collection and place each bin approximately 2 to 3 feet away from the curb so as not to impede the storm water flowing on the street.
-Know the safest routes to and from your home or property should flooding occur.Slow down and do not drive, ride or walk through flood waters.Residents can report events such as flooding or downed trees by using the Get It Done application or by calling 619-527-7500.

As always, please call 9-1-1 in the event of a life-threatening emergency.For more information and resources on how to prepare before the rains and what to do during and after the rains, please visit the City’s Storm Preparedness page.

Photo Credit: County News Center 

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