The Wild and Dangerous Weather of Winter

We don’t get winter storms in San Diego like the winter storms they get in the Midwest and back East.  But when we do get them, as we are about to, they can make life a little more difficult.

Especially this year following yet another series of wildfires, just like last year.  Remember last year?  The wine country fires in Northern California and the massive fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties?  

When rain hits areas that have been burned up, the impact of wildfires becomes a double whammy. First., the destruction of trees, brush and structures from the fire, then mudslides that cause even more damage.

And that’s the fear this winter season as these two winter rain storms make their way through California this week.

At the same time, rain is a blessing, because we certainly need it in a state that still teeters on the edge of another drought,  So it would also be a good thing for us to get a lot of snow up in the Sierra Nevada to help with the water supply.

The good news is we don’t have to worry as we head into the winter season of having a foot of snow dumped on us in San Diego like they had in Chicago and other Midwestern cities last week or the severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes they’re looking at in the Gulf states in the South.

And all this weather is stirring up as we head into December and the busy holiday travel time.

Welcome to winter weather, no matter what kind you may have.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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