Why the Weather is Whether We Wander

The weather is what has driven people to move to California for decades.

You know the old song that said “it never rains in Southern California’.  People may have forgotten the other line of that song that said “don’t they warn ya, it pours.”

And while we still don’t get a lot of rain, when it does, it can cause problems as we’ve seen this week when the ravages of wildfires become worse when the rain pours and causes mudslides and debris flows.

You have to wonder that with the increase in wildfires and climate changes, California’s weather may not be enough to draw people to our state.

Especially, when people here in California travel to other states and see gas prices under 2-dollars a gallon, home prices a third of what they are here and, where in some states, there’s no state income tax to pay.

But then when we see the weather that some other states have to put up with, especially those with freezing temperatures and lots of snow, we return home thinking we want no part of that.

(Photo credit C.E. Albert)

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