VIDEO-PHOTOS: Lesson for San Diego from the Storm

It was quite a night in San Diego.

The calls came in from all over the county last evening as the storm moved across the San Diego area and brought us the rain we expected but not all the street flooding that happened.

People were calling KOGO and telling their stories of where they were and what was happening and what they saw.

Most of them said they had never seen so many streets flooded so quickly.

Many described the close calls they had, as they drove through water up to the bottom of their doors to make it thru.  Others called to say they saw people drive right into a foot of water and get stuck and have to be rescued.

And that happened a lot last night as the river rescue teams could tell you with dozens of rescue calls coming in one after the other almost.

There were even cops who were heard letting their dispatcher know they almost got stuck in high water while trying to help others.

And then there calls from listeners who were mystified about some drivers going too fast, making it dangerous for everyone else.

The flooding from the storm may have been a surprise, but maybe next time, more people will take the time to think before they think they can drive through all that water when the skies open like they did over San Diego.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

Rainstorm San Diego 12-6-18  10News


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