How to Help a Child Understand the Christmas Message

The silver bells we hear rung and the song about them we hear sung have become one of the things we all remember about the Christmas season.  

We recall as kids walking into stores and seeing the Salvation Army bell ringers and their red kettles. And as adults, there’s something special about giving your child or grandchild some coins or a dollar bill or two to place in one of those red kettles.

But did you know the Salvation Army’s red kettle program started here in California and not somewhere with snow and cold and furry coats as sometimes depicted on Christmas cards?

It was way back in December of 1891 when a Salvation Army captain in San Francisco wanted to provide a Christmas dinner for 1,000 poor people, but had no way to pay for it.  So he got the okay to put a brass urn at the Oakland ferry landing and he soon had all the money he needed for the Christmas dinner.  That one kettle grew to 30 kettles on the West Coast and the rest is history.

Here in 2018, the Salvation Army’s red kettle donations are behind.

So in the days remaining until Christmas, think about putting some money into the next one you see. And have your kids or grandkids do it.

It can help a child and even yourself come to better appreciate what the giving message of Christmas is really all about.

More info about Salvation Army Red Kettle program.

(Photo credit 10News , Salvation Army)

Red Kettle Campaign History  Salvation Army


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