New Census Report on California Comings and Goings

On this day when a lot of people are flying into and out of San Diego to visit friends and relatives for Christmas, a new U.S. Census report is out that says more people are leaving California permanently than people from other states are moving here.

The total percentage is small, but the trend is there.  But where are people going and where are people coming from?

Not surprisingly, people who leave California are moving mostly to Texas, then Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

When you travel to Texas, people ask you "when are you moving to Texas" and not "whether" you are.

People who move to Texas usually cite high housing prices, high gas prices and no state income taxes and lots of jobs.  No surprise there since Texas has worked hard in recent years to convince companies to move to Texas.

As for where people moving to California are coming from, the report says the states with the most people leaving there to come to California are in order; Illinois, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you’ve ever lived in those states, you can understand why with cold and brutal winters and lots of urban sprawl back there.

So while it’s still true about it being “California here we come”, there are also a lot saying “California here we go.”  

Read more about new U.S. Census report.

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