Suicide Barrier Planned for San Diego-Coronado Bridge

State officials say the Coronado Bridge may have a suicide barrier on it in coming weeks.

CalTrans says they expect to begin installing bird spikes on the bridge by the end of January. They say the the spikes are temporary and CalTrans says they are pursuing a more permanent barrier for the 2-mile long bridge which spans the San Diego Bay.

“It gives an opportunity for someone to come up behind you and stop you from doing so,” said Steven Bouchard who survived leaping from the bridge in 1987.  Bouchard is one of the members of the Coronado San Diego Bridge Collaborative who spoke to CalTrans last year about the effect of a barrier.

“It’s about time," said Bouchard, “all it takes is seconds to pull somebody back.”  State officials say more than 400 people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge since 1969.

The suicide helpline number is (888-724-7240).

(Photo credit Getty Images)


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