PHOTOS: The Reverberations Since Northridge Earthquake

A lot has changed in the 25 years since the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake in L-A happened on this day in 1994.

The big quake damaged or destroyed some 80-thousand structures and left 60 people dead.

And while there was no significant damage in San Diego that morning, we felt it in parts of San Diego County that morning.  And the effects have been reverberating ever since.

As an AP report put it:

“Since Northridge there has been a push toward progress — sometimes frustratingly slow — on everything from making buildings safer to increasing society's overall ability to deal with seismic threats.”

But the L-A Times reports that “other than hospitals, state government has generally not set any mandatory rules for earthquake retrofits, and that has left it up to city and county governments to make decisions about seismic risks.”

Thanks to education efforts and especially the statewide earthquake drill that began in 2008, known as the Great California Shakeout which KOGO takes part in every year, Californians individually in homes, schools and offices are better informed and do know what to do when a quake hits.

But today is a good day to make sure we have done what we need to do before a big quake hits. You can get information on that at Ready San Diego dot org.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Northridge earthquake 1994  Getty Images
Northridge earthquake freeways 1994 Getty Images
Northridge earthquake building damage Getty Images


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