Video: Cruise Line Bans Man Who Jumped Off Ship Into Waters 100 Feet Below

Nick Naydev won't be cruising on the Royal Caribbean line anymore after jumping off a ship while docked in the Bahamas. He along with his friends have been banned for life. 

The 27-year-old Vancouver man admitted that he was still a little drunk from the night before when he jumped off the 11th floor balcony of Royal Caribbean's Symphony of The Sea, the world's largest cruise ship into the waters below, a drop of more than 100 feet. 

The video, which Naydev posted to his Instagram page, was recorded by one of his friends. A number of people have commented on his page how irresponsible his act was and how lucky he is to be alive.

Royal Caribbean called the stunt "stupid and reckless behavior" and is reportedly exploring legal action against him. Naydev and his friends were all escorted off the ship and left to find their way home from the island. 

Naydev was not hurt in the jump but says he had trouble walking for a couple of days. Once in the water, a nearby boat picked him up. Local police were called but no charges were filed. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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