What's Necessary to Find an Answer to San Diego Housing Problem

With all the talk going on about the cost of housing in San Diego and what to do about it, and how to make it easier to buy a home and how to reduce homelessness as well, there are bound to be different views on what to do.

You’ve heard all the reports here on KOGO.

Mayor Faulconer’s proposal this month to drastically reduce regulations regarding apartment building height limits, density and parking space.And now the proposal from a local nonprofit funding organization for a nearly one billion dollar bond measure to build thousands of new housing units in the city.

At the state level, Assemblyman Todd Gloria and candidate for Mayor talking about funds from Sacramento to help solve the housing crisis.

And then there is the building industry that talks about cutting the costs of permits and other restrictions that drive up the price of new homes and apartments, arguing San Diego is severely short of the amount of housing we need..

Coincidentally of course, while all this talk about how to get more affordable housing, a lot of people back in the deep freeze of the Midwest and a lot of people who watched the golf tournament at Torrey Pines on TV back East are probably thinking about moving west, to California.

So the demand is not likely to disappear that would reduce housing costs. That means an answer must be found, and that includes the political will and community support to find it.

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