What to Remember About Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you’re still thinking about what to give the special person in your life, some research from You Give Omnibus, which calls itself a global online community, might help you decide.So what does their survey say that people say they would most like to receive on Valentine’s Day?

For women, just over 30-percent of them say they’d like to get a card, while 28% say they’re hoping for chocolates or sweets and 27% say they’d like flowers.Other gifts many women say they’d like are jewelry or a gift card for a massage or a day at the spa.

As for what men in this survey say they’d like for Valentines Day, it might surprise you that 41% of these guys they don’t want to receive anything.

But when asked what they’d like to get if they got something, 16% of men say they would like a card or chocolates. Almost 10 percent of men say they’d like to get a bottle of wine or liquor to mark the occasion, while about the same amount say they’d like an electronic gift. Breakfast in bed (7%) was also a popular choice for the guys.

No matter what you decide to do for Valentine’s Day for the person you love, the most important thing to do is to remind yourself that love is not about the right gift on one day and then make a promise to be a gift to that person every day of the year.(Photo credit Getty Images)

Flowers  Getty Images

Flowers Getty Images

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