Arizona Man Rescued After Getting Stuck In Quicksand In Zion National Park


A 34-year-old Arizona man was rescued after spending nearly two days in a snowstorm while slowly sinking into quicksand. The unidentified man was hiking the Left Fork Trail at Zion National Park in Utah with another woman when he inadvertently stepped into quicksand.

After failing to get his leg out, the woman he was with left to go find help. She left him with warm clothing to protect himself from the frigid weather. She had to hike for three hours before she could get a cell phone signal to call 911. When rescue workers found her, she was suffering from hypothermia.

It took the rescuers another few hours to locate the man, who was now knee-deep in the quicksand. It took them two hours to free his leg, and they began to treat him for hypothermia. Unfortunately, the snowstorm intensified and forced the rescuers to wait for a helicopter to pull them out.

“Only after a small break in the weather occurred in the afternoon, the DPS helicopter was able safely extricated the patient with a hoist rescue operation,” the National Parks Service said in a statement. “The patient was transported to an awaiting ambulance and transported to the hospital.”

Photo: Getty Images


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