Asking the Gun Question Once Again

Last week’s one year anniversary of the Valentine’s Day mass shooting at a high school in Parkland Florida, renewed the on again off again debate about gun control.

But what almost happened two days before that one year mark last week and what did happen the day after it….coincidentally and tragically has fired up the debate even more.

It was last Tuesday night in San Diego, when a 29 year old man, opened fire in a restaurant in Hillcrest, spraying multiple rounds into the place. Almost miraculously, as bullets flew, no one was hit.We found out afterwards that the gunman had pleaded guilty to murder a dozen years ago back Alabama, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but served only four years. And less than two years ago he was arrested on charges of drug trafficking,

Yet this guy with a violent criminal past was able to get a gun.

And then last Friday, a 45 year old man, apparently angry that he was getting fired from his job in suburban Chicago, walked into the place and opened fire, killing 5 people and then wounding 5 cops before they shot and killed him.

And then we found out the gunman had six arrests over three years there in Aurora Illinois, including for domestic violence, and also had been convicted of felony aggravated assault in the past.

Yet this guy, again with a violent criminal past was able to get a gun.

In both cases, law enforcement officials said these convicted criminals should not have been able to obtain a weapon,

Yet both did.And once again we ask why?

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Aurora IL shooting aftermath 2-15-19


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