Some New News on Attitudes

With today’s lower unemployment rate, some news from U.S News and World Report includes some advice for employers.

The report says that while lower unemployment rates are good news for job seekers, because more jobs are available, it can spell trouble for employers, because the competition to hire and retain the best talent is tougher and employers cannot afford high turnover.

So what should employers do to make sure they hire the right person?

A story at Forbes dot com this week says research done by Hiring For Attitude is very clear; attitudes drive 89% of hiring failures. In other words, when a new hire fails on the job, nine out of 10 times it’s because their attitude doesn’t fit the team, not because they lacked technical skills.

In fact, even the greatest of skills won’t matter if someone isn’t open to improving, alienates their coworkers, lacks drive, or has the wrong personality to succeed in that particular culture.

So employers are now spending more time doing interviews and getting to know potential hires to make sure the person is the right person.And as employers want to make sure everyone has good attitudes, employees become more interested in wanting to make sure they fit it into the work culture.

The Forbes job expert recommends that in most workplace situations, there's something that everyone can do to make the working relationship with bosses and coworkers better without casting aside your own personality.

These new reports all suggest that the old adage is right; attitude is everything.

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