How Rock 105.3 SAVED my morning! Much Love, From KOGO!

I LOVE my coworkers. Most of them, LOL. But that's another story.

You know, a few months ago, I did an off-the-cuff blog about the coworkers, former and current, that I just love. (All except Costa,) I inadvertently missed an entire radio station...right across my own hallway...Rock 1053. ( I missed a few others I absolutely adore, too...unforgivable, in all cases.)

So, most of the people I work with, I have known for a minute or two, and the people at Rock are no exception. They are lovely people.

Let me start at the start: I had a meltdown this morning.

I am not too terribly prone to going, full-diva...I am generally too tired for that nonsense. Today was an exception.

You see, I function only when fully-caffeinated. And by fully-caffeinated, I mean, I need coffee, unsweetened, but with a metric butt-load of cream in it. This is how I roll, and I make no apologies for it.

There have been instances, more frequent than I am able to handle, in which we have run out of coffee. We have run out of cream. It cannot be borne. I MUST have both, and in the precise ratio that I like them. This is imperative to my quality of life, and my ability to sally-forth with the information you want to hear.

Today, we were out of cream.

I may have wailed in an unbecoming manner, and, perhaps, let fly a curse word. Or two.

Emily from Rock, happened to see my unbecoming temper tantrum...and instead of rightly mocking me for the big fat baby I really am...she took pity. Bless her for a saint.

5 minutes later, she brought supplies. I may marry her. And Sky. And Thor. And Eddie.

( I dig Costa, too, but it's a relationship we try very hard not to speak-of. LOL.)


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