How to Slow Down the Growing Scooter Problem

The problem with injuries in electric scooter accidents is growing and not only in San Diego.

The news about a lawsuit filed last week against one of the local dockless electric scooter companies and the City of San Diego comes the same week as the news of a study now being done by the Centers for Disease Control into scooter related injuries and what to do about them.

The suit filed in San Diego last week by a disabled man who says he was injured when two teenage girls on a scooter crossed over the center line of the boardwalk is not the first and won’t be the last.

And San Diego is not alone with this problem on wheels.The CDC was asked by the City of Austin to investigate scooter injuries there because they were having so many including one death in a scooter crash.

Other cities like San Diego have also seen an increase in scooter accidents, including larger cities like Atlanta which says they have 100 scooter injury accidents a month now and smaller cities like Nashville where they say they have a scooter injury every day.

The San Diego City Council and the Mayor have been talking about and struggling with trying to figure out what to do about the scooters for some time now.

With more scooter accidents and more lawsuits likely, the time is probably now for San Diego and all other scooter-populated cities to make sure something is being done about the scooter problem.

(Photo credit 10News)



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