Wonder and Worry About the World Wide Web on its 30th Birthday

Today we mark the 30th birthday of the three w’s. We know them as w-w-w, the World Wide Web.

Yes it was on this day in 1989, when an English software engineer by the name of Tim Berners-Lee had an idea he presented to his boss at a physics lab in Switzerland where he worked.

He was frustrated with not being able to share information on different computers and it led him to come up with his proposal that he called an “information management system”. His boss called his idea “vague but exciting”.

But now 30 years later, we are immersed around the world…every day…in on line communication through the w-w-w of the World Wide Web that is said to contain more than 2-billion websites.

Just think of how different your daily work and personal life would be had the world of the World Wide Web not been created. Where would you go and what would you do to instantly find answers to questions you had about anything and everything?

Now 30 years after he came up with the idea, the inventor has a new idea because he has a worry about the World Wide Web.

He calls it the "Contract for the Web" aimed at pushing for laws, system changes and research to reduce all the hacking and to make sure the World Wide Web is more for the public good. As he puts it, “the web we want.”

See Google Doodle and more on the World Wide Web.

(Photo credit. WWW Inventor Tim Berners-Lee. Getty Images)

World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee  Getty Images


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