What Parents Need to Know About the College Admissions Cheating Scandal

So what are we to learn from the largest college admissions cheating scandal in history?

In short plenty. But it’s probably something many of us parents already really knew. It’s been suggested that what happened was an example of so-called:”helicopter parents” on steroids.

Because 33 parents charged in the indictment had the money and means, it made it easier for them to do what they did, and what other parents may try on a much much smaller and not illegal scale trying to get their boy or girl into a top college.

Contributing editor Bill Murphy Jr. at the website Inc.com suggests that what the parents in this scandal did comes down to five things:

1.They bought into someone else's definition of success.

2.They had little faith in their children.

3.They swooped in with money to "fix" the problem.

4.They crossed every line of honesty and morality.

5.They tried to hide the whole thing from their kids.

Not a bad list of what these parents did.But what they did can also be a strong reminder for all parents about what being a parent is all about.

It’s not about just making sure your kid likes you and it’s not about doing your kids work for them.It’s about raising up your kids to be responsible, moral and successful adults, so they can contribute to the world and so that they can be good parents and raise their kids to be like them.

None of us as parents is always right and we all do lots of things wrong, but the parents in this college cheating scandal have flunked the class. Big time!

(Photo credit reporting partners 10News)



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