Going South of the Border Has Changed and What It Means for San Diego

I’m CA. Remember when you first came to San Diego? And one of the things you wanted to do was to visit Tijuana. You’d heard about being able to bargain for and buy jewelry and crafts and what nots for low prices from the shops and street vendors along the main thoroughfare.

Even if you were born in San Diego, there came a time in your late teens or as a young adult, you wanted to go to Tijuana to visit the bars and restaurants.

And no matter how you got here, if you’ve been in San Diego for some time, you may have made a trip or two or more down the Baja California coast to Rosarito Beach or Ensenada to enjoy the beaches and the culture.

It seems different now going south of the border.With crime up in Tijuana and the thousands of migrants, many of them unaccompanied kids in their teens and families with young kids, living in shelters or even on the street, and with all tension over border policies and immigration, it has become different than it once was.

For San Diego business and local government leaders, this is the 14th year they have travelled south of the border to meet with Mexican government leaders about the importance of the economic relationship between San Diego and Mexico.

Mayor Faulconer says free trade with Mexico means 100,000 jobs and billions of dollars to our region.

In other words what happens at the border and what happens in Mexico doesn’t stay there.It affects San Diego one way or the other.And probably more than most of us even realize. For more on this go to kogo.com keyword cliff notes.

(Photo credit 10News)



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