What Happens When You Break the Code of Conduct

Did you hear what happened at the Padres game against the Aruizona Diamondbacks at Petco Park Wednesday?

If you were there you may have even seen it happen and if you were close enough you may have even heard it happen.

It was in the fifth inning of the game. A fan used "foul language" toward a player for the Diamondbacks and the fan ended up being ejected.

According to a report in the Arizona Republic, the player was Diamondbacks right fielder Adam Jones, who after hearing what the fan said to him from the stands, spoke with security to remove the fan.

The Diamondbacks outfielder, who grew up in San Diego, told the newspaper, the fan used the B-word and the F-word, saying “On the street, they’d never do that. In the ballpark when you’ve paid your admission, there’s no need for all that stuff.”

The Padres did confirm the fan was removed, pointing to a the team’s guest code of conduct which they say is announced twice every game.

Having been to plenty of baseball games over the years, with my kids, you do see some fans every so often and unfortunately get out of hand with their language or behavior.And it’s good to know the Padres do something about it.

Maybe, with the political climate these days, we need to come up with a code of conduct for talking about politics.

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(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

Adam Jones Arizona Diamondbacks  Getty Images


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